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Worker’s Compensation: 5 Ways To Prevent Injuries At Work

Worker’s Compensation: 5 Ways to Prevent Injuries at Work

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is required by law for every business with employees. While this is an unavoidable expense, there are things every business can do to reduce injuries at work and therefore, worker’s comp claims.

1. Background Checks and Drug Screening of Potential Employees
Reduce the risk of injury by making smart hiring decisions. Choose individuals suited to the job and without a history of neglecting proper safety precautions.

2. Workplace Safety Programs and Training
The best way to reduce injuries at work is to have clear and comprehensive safety procedures and to adequately train employees. Incentives for employees who follow safety protocols is also helpful.

3. Safe and Ergonomic Equipment
Regularly inspect equipment and work environment for potential safety risks. Utilize ergonomic equipment and office furniture as well to reduce the risk for workplace injury.

4. Provide Protective Equipment
Depending on the type of business you operate, provide proper safety equipment for the jobs performed at your workplace. This may include safety glasses, helmets, or gloves.

5. Respond to Injuries Quickly and Properly
Investigate and keep records of all of the details of each injury when it occurs. Maintain contact with employee. Make necessary adjustments to safety procedures. Make a plan for the employee to come back to work.

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