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AIG Insurance Pays Back US Government

AIG Insurance has announced in December 2012 full repayment of it’s obligations to the US Government. Since September of 2008 America provided a total of $182.3 billion in connection with the stabilization of AIG Insurance. AIG has announced the full repayment to the United States Government. During the period of 2009 – 2012 AIG re-branded it’s property and casualty insurance business to the name “Chartis Insurance.” Following the full 2012 repayment to the US government, AIG has re-branded it’s companies back to AIG.

AIG writes many lines of insurance. For personal insurance, they are well known for their AIG Private Client Group who provides a variety of insurance for “Successful Individuals and Families.” AIG Private Client provides high value home insurance, auto insurance, excess (umbrella) liability protection, Collections Insurance, Yachts and Watercraft Insurance, and Aviation Insurance. AIG Private Client Group also offers complimentary Wildfire Protection Services for many policy holders.

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