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 International Major Medical Insurance Plan

Foreign nationals traveling to the United States on business or for vacation may not be aware of the expensive cost of medical treatment in the US. 

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  1. Foreign Nationals visiting the USA.
  2. Foreign Nationals moving to the USA.
  3. Foreign Nationals employeed by a US company who reside in their home country.
  4. Foreign Nationals employed by a US company working outside their home country.
  5. US citizens who are visiting the USA from a foreign country.
  6. US citizens who are moving back to the USA from a foreign country

It can be confusing to navigate a foreign country with different customs, restrictions, and guidelines. But, with the International Major Medical Insurance plan, you can travel in the US virtually worry-free. The International Major Medical is specially designed for people visiting the United States on business or vacation. This plan can provide medical coverage for up to one year with benefits up to $1 million.

Options available:


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