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If you lose your health insurance coverage or a waiting for a new health insurance plan to start, you can protect yourself with Short Term health insurance. We have partnered with HCC Insurance (Rated A+ XV) to provide to you short term health insurance. You can quote and buy a short term health insurance policy instantly online in under 5 minutes through us:

Click Here To Quote and Buy Short Term Health Insurance!

Instructions to Quote and Buy Short Term Health Insurance:

Click the link above and you will taken to our online quote engine and application system. You will be prompted to enter your zip code, and then taken to a page to enter your date of birth (and date of birth of any family members if applying with others)

Once you enter your information and select “Get quote” you will be taken to a page showing your rates and options. You will have the ability to change your deductible, or coverage limit. Once you decide on a deductible select “save and continue.” You will be taken to the online application page where you will be asked for additional information and a payment. Once you submit payment you will receive an email confirmation with your policy number, policy, and ID cards.

What you need to know:

Coverage will start the day following the successful submission of your application and payment

You can choose a short term health insurance plan that covers you for 1-6 months. If you choose a short term health plan that lasts longer than one month, you will have the option to pay monthly.

Short term health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Short term health insurance does not cover brand name prescription drugs.

Short term health insurance is done on a pre-authorization basis- if you need to use a doctor or medical facility you need to contact HCC in advance for approval. If you are in an emergency room, you have 48 hours (Or what is reasonable) after you arrive to advise HCC you are using the medical services.

You can only buy short term health insurance for a maximum of 6 months.

Short term health insurance does not satisfy the IRS fine under the Affordable Care Act for not having health insurance coverage. You need a regular Affordable Care Act plan to avoid the IRS fines.

Who should buy short term health insurance?

People who are between regular health insurance plans.

People who have lost their health insurance coverage and are waiting for a new regular health insurance plan to start.

Please who are without health insurance coverage and waiting for health insurance open enrollment period to begin.

Short term health insurance is important to protection if you are without health insurance and cannot get a regular health insurance plan.

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