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Why Your Home-Based Business Needs To Be Insured

Why Your Home-Based Business Needs to Be Insured

As our economy and technology evolves, the start-up of home-based businesses continues to be a valid and often successful way to launch a new business. In fact, more than half of small business operating in the United States are home-based businesses.

Many home-based business, typically with just 1 or 2 employees, tend to overlook the need for business insurance. While the benefits of starting are business at home are many, some may be taking unnecessary risk by failing to purchase adequate business liability and property insurance.

General homeowner policies do not typically cover home-based business and the potential property damage that may occur as result of business operation may not be covered. Liability insurance (in the event that someone or something is injured as a result of your business) is also an important thing to consider as home-based business owner.

In addition, some home owners policies consider the operation of a home-based a violation of the policy. So if you are considering a home-based business or are currently operating one, you should review your home-owners policy to insure you will be covered.

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