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Flood? Last Chance?

Flood? Last Chance?

Hello Everybody!
Flood? Last Chance?  Since there is a 30-day wait period from when you initially sign up for flood insurance, until the policy becomes effective, we strongly advise that you consider flood insurance sooner rather than later.
Two things you can do to prepare for a Flood:

1. Be Proactive: Buy Flood Insurance to protect your home.  Click here:

2. Be Prepared.

From   Be Storm Ready

10 Steps to Protect Yourself Now  

The intensity of the Thomas Fire left our mountains with little or no vegetation to prevent the slopes from sliding. With the immediate approach of winter storms, the threat of flash floods and debris flows is now 10 times greater in your community than before the fire – they can happen with little or no warning. Officials may only be able to alert the public with just a few minutes notice, or none at all. It is imperative that you understand the seriousness of the situation and are prepared.
Do not delay in taking action to protect you, your family and your property. To determine if your property is in a risk area, please refer to this SB Interactive Flood Map  or call 211.
We recommend that you take the following actions now:
  1. Sign up for emergency alerts at
  2. Monitor weather reports and consider your safety risk when a weather advisory is issued.
  3. Be prepared to leave before roads, creeks and waterways are flowing, or go to a neighbor on high ground or shelter in-place.
  4. Know all your local access roads and understand that some may be blocked by debris. Have an alternate plan or route. Mudslides can occur even days after a storm when the ground is saturated.
  5. NEVER drive or walk into floodwaters or go around barricades. It is impossible to know how deep the water is just by looking at it.
  6. Consider installing sandbags, straw wattles, and other methods to divert water and reduce erosion on your property. Santa Barbara County Public Works offers sandbags.
    For locations and information, call County Flood Control at (805) 568-3440 or go to
  7. Refer to the Homeowner Guide to Flood Prevention and Response (español).
  8. Flood Insurance: Most homeowners insurance does not cover floods from natural disasters. Make sure your home is protected.
  9. Have an Emergency Plan and a Disaster Kit ready to go. For more information, read the additional resources here as  the  Debris Flow Survival Guide  ( español).
  10. Our Public Works Department has much more information on storm preparedness.
Protect your  home with a  Free Flood Quote Now!If you would like a free quote for Flood  Insurance, click, call or come in.
For 30 years, Baxter Insurance has been the leading provider for Homeowner’s, Flood and Earthquake Insurance for Santa Barbara. We represent both the National Insurance Flood Program (NIFP) and the private insurance market.  WE will obtain the best possible coverage at the lowest price.
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Baxter Insurance is the leading provider of Homeowners Insurance in the Santa Barbara, Montecito & Goleta areas.
Some Final Notes:
We provide quick insurance escrow service.
We have a multitude of the best carriers Chubb, PURE, AIG, Farmers, and many more.
  • Professionally staffed
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  • Thousands of homes insured since 1989
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  • Top notch service throughout the life of the policy- full client service and claims support. You can expect us to provide you with highest level of service.
  • Our promise to you is to be there, not just at the time of sale, but at your time of need.
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