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Earthquake Insuance

Hello Everybody!
Did you know?  Earthquake Insurance is NOT covered on a Homeowners or a Renters Insurance Policy.
Two things you can do:

1. Be Proactive: Buy Earthquake Insurance to protect your home.

2. Be Prepared.

6 Steps to Prepare for an Earthquake
Even though we still can’t predict earthquakes or how strong they’ll be, you can take steps to prepare and mitigate the amount of damage it causes.
  1. Make sure your home is stable. Have a licensed contractor check the chimneyroof and foundation for issues. Taking the time now to ensure that the house is bolted to the foundation and that the roof and chimney are in good shape can minimize damage later.
  2. Secure the water heater. Approved strapping should be used to tightly fasten the water heater to the wall studs.
  3. Attach bookcasesheavy furnishings and appliances to walls and floors. The less things can move and/or tip, the better off you’ll be.
  4. Know where your shutoff valves are. Obviously, you need to have your water, gas and electric running every day, but if an earthquake happens, you’ll need to be able to shut them off quickly to keep your home and family safe.
  5. Keep heavy shoes and gloves near the bed. If an earthquake happens during the night, these will protect your feet and hands from debris, broken glass and other sharp objects on the floor or around your home.
  6. Prepare an emergency kit, just in case. Gather first-aid supplies, as well as flashlights, a portable radio, extra batteries, canned food (and a can opener), a fire extinguisher (ABC rated), bottled water, cash, blankets, clothing and sanitary/hygienic supplies.
Protect your  home with Earthquake Insurance. If you would like a free quote for Earthquake Insurance, click, call or come in.
For 30 years, Baxter Insurance has been the leading provider for Homeowner’s, Flood and Earthquake Insurance for Santa Barbara. We represent both the National Insurance Flood Program (NIFP) and the private insurance market.  WE will obtain the best possible coverage at the lowest price.
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Baxter Insurance is the leading provider of Homeowners Insurance in the Santa Barbara, Montecito & Goleta areas.
Some Final Notes:
We provide quick insurance escrow service.
We have a multitude of the best carriers Chubb, PURE, AIG, Farmers, and many more.
  • Professionally staffed
  • Agents designation from the Wharton School- Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance
  • Thousands of homes insured since 1989
  • We can write difficult to place homes
  • Fast, efficient, and responsive quote process
  • Top notch service throughout the life of the policy- full client service and claims support. You can expect us to provide you with highest level of service.
  • Our promise to you is to be there, not just at the time of sale, but at your time of need.
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