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Individual Disability Income Insurance

Income Protection for the Cost of a Daily Cup of Coffee

Many people believe the cost of protecting their income is too high for their budgets. In reality, the opposite is true. For the cost of a daily cup of premium coffee, you could own an Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance policy. While the cup of coffee is an “affordable luxury,” it doesn’t provide much security. An Individual DI insurance policy provides monthly benefits (“a paycheck”) to help pay everyday living expenses, such as your mortgage, utilities, groceries, and medical bills(which typically increase with a disability) if you become too sick or hurt to work.

Take the case of Ken:

•  Ken Earns $50,000 a year as a graphic designer
• Is a healthy, active 40-year-old
• Has no income protection plans should he become disabled
For approximately $1,300 a year* (less than 3 percent of his annual salary), Ken’s Individual DI insurance policy would provide about $3,000 per month in benefits if he becomes disabled.

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