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Blue Shield of California Announces Next Day Effective Dates for February

Blue Shield of California writes individual and group health insurance in Santa Barbara, and California. Blue Shield normally has a rule that they require 15 days after the date you apply for health insurance coverage before they will make a policy effective. So for instance, if you apply for health insurance on 02/01/2013 and your application is approved by Blue Shield of California underwriting, the soonest they would make your policy effective would be 02/16/2013.

For the month of February 2013, Blue Shield of California has announced that they will allow for next day health insurance effective dates. What this means is that if you apply for a plan and submit your application to Blue Shield on 02/01/2013, they could make your health insurance policy effective as soon as 02/02/2013 if you are approved by their underwriting deparetment. All applications must be received by 02/27/2013 to secure a 02/28/2013 effective date. This promotion ends at the end of February.

It is important to note that it can take 2-4 weeks to receive a response once you submit your health insurance application. So if you apply for coverage on 02/01/2013 requesting a 02/02/2013 effective date, you may not receive the undwriting decsion back for several weeks.

All Blue Shield of California health insurance policies are subject to underwriting. No coverage can be bound unless you apply and are accepted by Blue Shield’s underwriting.

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