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Avoiding Summer Worker’s Comp Claims

Avoiding Summer Worker’s Comp Claims

Though many studies* have produced vague and complicated results, they seem to indicate a trend of increased on-the-job injuries and Worker’s Compensation Claims during the summer months. Possible reasons for this could be longer work hours, seasonal risks such as heat exhaustion, and an increase in outdoor manual labor during the summer months.

Worker’s Comp claims tend to be reduced during the spring months so this would be a perfect time for employers to prepare for the coming summer and make a game plan for avoiding workplace injury.

The following suggestions may help reduce the risk of summer-time injury:

  1. Review your Safety Plan and Procedures and make sure your employees are aware of safety guidelines.
  2. Update safety procedures with guidelines specific for working in high summer temperatures (especially if your employees spend a significant amount of time working outside).
  3. Provide cool drinking water for employees. Frequent small amounts is best.
  4. Encourage proper clothing and equipment including light-weight, light colored clothing and sunglasses.
  5. Provide adequate breaks in cool ventilated areas.
  6. Know the signs of heat stroke and exhaustion and the First Aid response necessary for each condition. Train your employees in First Aid.
  7. Check on your employees frequently.
  8. Watch for other risks in addition to heat, such as smog or pollen.
  9. Take special consideration for employees with health conditions that place them at higher risk for injury.

Proper safety is important throughout the year, but it is also important to be aware of the seasonal risks that may affect your employees and workplace in order to prevent and properly respond to workplace injury. This will then reduce the number of worker’s compensation claims for your business.


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