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Anthem Medicare Supplement Notices Being Mailed

Anthem Blue Cross of California is in the process of mailing out annual “Credible” or “Non-Credible” notices to their Medicare Supplement Part D members.

Every Member is required to receive this letter before October 1, 2014 annually. This letter lets them know if the part D prescription drug plan they have is creditable or non-creditable. A creditable prescription drug plan means that they part D prescription drug benefits that they have on their plan meet or exceed the prescription drug benefits of the baseline Medicare Part D drug plan as set by the Federal Government. Non-creditable part D prescription drug coverage means that the plan they have is not as good as the baseline Medicare Supplement part D plan.

Samples of these letters are below:

2014 Creditable_Cover_Letter_template and notice
2014 Non_Creditable_Cover_template and notice(1)

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