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Anthem Blue Cross 2015 ACA Plan Changes

Posted on Sep 23 by

Anthem Blue Cross has announced some updates to their 2015 Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans. Health Plans- Names Changes Anthem has renamed their individual...


New Baxter Insurance TV Spot!

Posted on Sep 22 by

Here is our new TV Spot which will run evenings during Primetime- look for it on ESPN during Monday night football! Let us know what you...


Health Net Insurance Rate Update

Posted on Sep 22 by

Health Net has released the rates for their September 1 2014 through December 31 2014 small group health insurance renewals. These renewals dates are for small group health...


Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Posted on Sep 21 by

Medicare supplement (Sometimes called “Medigap”) health insurance plans in California will soon be giving special higher rates to smokers. The tobacco health...


Wellpoint changes name to Anthem, Inc.

Posted on Sep 20 by

Historically the health insurance company who runs and owns Anthem Blue Cross has been called Wellpoint. Wellpoint has changed their parent company name to Anthem, Inc. The move...